In addition to the roller coasters and the digital simulators, the park currently offers six exciting attractions for the whole family:


Marsupilami universe:

No less than three attractions involving the Marsupilami and his family are available.

The first one, called "Houbi", faces the second, called "Houba". They may look alike, but they offer widely different sensations and experiences. It's time to live the care-free Marsupilami life in these palm tree-shaped towers and their gravity games! 

Maximum height: 1.90 metre











The third attraction, "Marsu Palombia", takes you on a dance around Mrs. Marsupilami's favourite flowers. Through a set of controls, you will be able to gently go up and down to create wonderful family memories!








Spirou universe:

Three other attractions involve Spirou, Fantasio, Spip, the Count of Champignac and their friends.




Climb aboard the famous Turbotraction in "Fantasio Rodeo": on a curved rail, the spinning Turbotraction will take you on a wild, but very safe, rodeo! Don't worry, it will hold fast, and the sound of your laughter will soon replace that of the car horns.











The Count of Champignac has a well-documented passion for mushrooms. The giant one in the park, called "Aero Champignac", takes you for a spin in its single or double carriages, which go more than 9 metres (30 ft.) high! 









Spip, Spirou and Fantasio's pet squirrel, deserved his own attraction too. Let him and his kind horse Plumeau take you on a gentle ride in "Spip Jumper"!