The spirou experience

The master plan was developed in the image of a cartoon with areas hosting attractions mainly rectangular or square, resembling frames from Spirou comic strips. Parc Spirou is designed in the image of urban architecture of major U.S. cities, bringing greater immersion in the unique world of comics.

Beyond the architectural aspect, the design of Parc Spirou dispenses with the classic design that can be found in every park in Europe; notably:

  • All attractions are first class and have a high absorption capacity, amongst them national, European and world exclusives!
  • The park will be very compact. Again, size is often touted by many parks, but it’s not the surface area that counts but the number and especially the quality of the proposed experiences. In Parc Spirou, attractions will be sited in close proximity to one another. Travel between them will be shorter, allowing visitors to spend more time experiencing the adventures
  • Each experience will have its own storyline inspired by a specific album of Spirou and Fantasio. Passengers will really share the adventures of the parks’ heroes in the same spirit found in other majorly renowned theme parks. Parc Spirou will be anything but a juxtaposition of attractions with no real guiding principle behind the sensations
  • park walkabouts, presence of themed spaces designed to allow the public to be photographed with the mascots in an ‘immersive’ environment (photo booth opportunity), mini-shows for smaller children

Continuous mini shows will also be held throughout the day at various places within the park. A parade will tour the park in the afternoon.

A themed building will house several activities including a retrospective museum celebrating 75 years of Spirou and characters from albums of Spirou Journal. This journey of initiation allows everyone to remind themselves of the characters and adventures of Spirou.

Visitors can expect all the usual features and services associated with a fully comprehensive theme park: traditional and themed restaurants, fast food, shops and a specialist bookshop featuring all the albums of Spirou and his heroic counterparts, rest areas, parking, first aid, security, cashpoints, customer services, lockers, stroller hire, etc.