This project was born from a series of meetings during which professionals from different backgrounds wished to examine developments within the amusement parks sector. Some of us have previously worked on very large projects in this area and all of those working on this concept for more than a year did so purely through a passion and conviction for this sector and with real ambition to deliver an ultimate concept.

We have developed an economic and social project finely tuned for the modern world; compact and ideally suited to its main purpose of bringing generations together.

The foundations are as follows:

  • Numerous attractions accessible from 4 years/100cm upwards
  • All customers (from 4 years and/or 100cm) will have access to most attractions
  • Many attractions that don’t exert extreme sensations that lead to stressful or frightening situations
  • The experience will come through discovery, shared family adventure, novelty, magic and immersion in the story and proposed theme
  • The park will contain only major, high capacity, themed attractions from the sector’s most renowned suppliers
  • Finally and most importantly, a central unifying theme with diverse and exclusive attractions and activities that appeal to the whole family

Our vision of this “New Style” park is to propose a true themed tourist offering, beneficial to all, in an environmentally responsible manner and sympathetic to the eco values embedded within the chosen site development.

The adopted theme is the world of comics, a universal concept with complete application from children to grandparents. The whole family can participate! Recent topics or manga-derived heroes will appeal not only to the young but also to those aged 30-plus.