Parc Spirou will be an environmentally-friendly park with selective collection and waste recycling through fully signposted sorting containers and adherent to the policy of the local Sorgues du Comtat council.

  • Limited power consumption: more than 90% of opening hours will be during daylight, so reduced lighting for outdoor attractions
  • Buildings will be constructed using aerated concrete compliant with normative RT 2012, which will gain energy savings of over 70% compared with traditional materials
  • The overall design of the park will be close to that of a landscaped park, with the introduction of Mediterranean plants, vegetation and plants that are found in the Eco Quarter. These measures combined with the implementation of specific types of grass, generate a substantial saving of water needs and enhance biodiversity
  • To help preserve water resources, all sanitation facilities will be installed with water-saving management systems
  • Implementation of selective collection in the park and an educational programme of waste recovery, in collaboration with the characters who try to teach park visitors to have an eco-friendly approach
  • Parc Spirou has implemented a quality design programme to gain "low carbon" status, which will be a first in Europe