From its opening day, Parc Spirou Provence will have three roller coasters, each with its own intensity to please and thrill the whole family.



 The first roller coaster ride, En avant Seccotine (Let's Go Seccotine), is the most accessible one. With the bubbly Seccotine at the helm, you will be taken around a wonderful replica of the Mont Ventoux. On her faithful scooter and with her legendary energy and sense of fun, Spirou & Fantasio's journalist friend takes her time on the three trips around the ride. What better way to whet your appetite for the other roller coasters?








On the second roller coaster, Wanted by Lucky Luke, you'll be chasing the Daltons through familiar settings, like the famous jail they always escape from. On this Far West train, things are a bit more hectic: you'll have to ride faster than your shadow to catch Joe, Jack, William and Averell!







The third one, Spirou Racing, offers a majestic overview of the park with its 20-meter high summit. And what a thrill: put on your goggles and your racing helmet to hurtle down a track coming straight from Spirou's youth. You'll have to be as brave and enthusiastic as our intrepid reporter!

 (Maximum height: 1.95 metre (6 ft. 4.7 in.))