The Communication department handles press relations for Parc Spirou Provence.

This page contains all the latest information, press releases and alerts.


You can also find news about the park on our social media accounts and pages, which can be found by clicking on the images below:


Another source of information is our dedicated blog.

Any request for an interview, for further information or for a press invite to write about the park can be sent to the following address:

Please make sure to include your name, credentials and medium in your messages. You may be asked to provide supporting documents.

Simple visit: Please contact the Communication team at least one working day before a simple visit in order to inform the relevant teams in the park and to ensure the best conditions possible. For security reasons, any unannounced press visit or visit without a press pass will be denied.

Filming: An authorisation is needed to film on the park's premises. This authorisation will have to be requested at least three days before the planned filming date. If granted, you will receive instructions to ensure easy access, to store and secure your equipment.

Commercial requests: All marketing offers (advertising spaces, partnerships, exchange of goods...) will be considered either by our internal teams or by our exclusive advertising agency, which can be found at the following link: Partnerships.

Please contact us by email at

You can also freely use the following resources:


Official photos and illustrations

Press kit

Press releases


For the photos, please make sure the following legal line is included: ©Parc Spirou Provence

The park also has WiFi access and reception areas can be set up upon request.