Creating a theme park, from inception to inauguration, takes years. So it's through a lot of perseverance that its developers managed to assemble the necessary skills, decision-makers and funds to make Parc Spirou Provence a reality.

The founders' conviction resonated with the Communauté de Communes des Sorgues du Comtat (a federation of towns in the south-west of France) and their desire to revitalise the Beaulieu site, west of the city of Monteux. After several steps needed to strengthen the project, the first stone was laid in July 2017, and the park's grand opening is scheduled for the 1st June 2018. Its completion in such a short time has truly been a feat, and has in turn really motivated all the stakeholders.

The park's directors insisted on hiring local building companies to fully root its identity in the Provence region, while also showing their commitment to contributing to the local economy. They also hired the best European engineering companies specialising in the creation of cutting-edge amusement parks.

For the park's identity, its creators found that bringing together the universes of Spirou, Lucky Luke, the Marsupilami and Gaston Lagaffe provided values and an energy that resonated with their own. Everyone identified with the humility, the quality of human relationships, the tender and joyful humour that are often associated with these characters' adventures and mishaps. These characters are represented by the Média Participations group and its subsidiary, Mediatoon.

Initially spread over 4 hectares (about 430 thousand sq. ft.), the park is intentionally compact to offer its visitors a deep immersion into its worlds and a true bubble of joy and intense sensations, a precious memory that will make them want to come back as soon as possible. It will eventually double its size to 8 hectares (about 860 thousand sq. ft.). Starting in 2019, at least one new ride will open every year.