In Parc Spirou Provence, you will find three conceptual restaurants, each with indoor seating and/or terraces in the shade. Our menus are created with high-quality ingredients, and most of these are locally sourced.


In The Moustic, the name of the hotel where Spirou learned the ropes of the bellboy job, you can order throughout the day. The original Moustic appeared regularly in the pages of Spirou's adventures, most recently in the touching An Ingenuous Boy's Diary ("Journal d’un ingénu") or in The Verdigris Groom ("Le Groom vert-de-gris") by Schwartz & Yann.

In the morning, have a breakfast on-the-go or relax at a table, from €2.90 to €5. Lunch is served in a 1930s fast food setting: The Moustic offers menus for children and adults starting at €8 (including a menu for children up to 11 years old). With 170 seats, everyone can take the time to enjoy their burger or their chips in the warm atmosphere of this peculiar but lovely venue.


The Vroup is reminiscent of Spirou's incredible adventures in the memorable album Pirates of Silence ("Les Pirates du Silence"), the style of which greatly inspired the park's architecture. The Vroup brand does not only represent the petrol station, it was also that of a truck that spread sleeping gas through an entire town filled with very rich people.

In a 1950s-styled cafeteria, you will be able to choose from full courses, grilled meats 

and fish, sides, drinks, desserts... Prices start at €10 for children and €14 for adults. The Vroup offers 270 seats. Three spectacular animatronic dinosaurs overlook its sunny terrace, but don't worry: they've been trained not to beg for scraps!


In the third restaurant La Terrasse de Spirou, you'll flutter about from one kiosk to the next to place your order, then take one of the 250 available seats. This one offers sandwiches, paninis, hot dogs, ice creams and more... There's something for everyone!